What's the weather going to be like while I'm there?
Every season in Crested Butte is beautiful and unique in its own way. Mountain weather can be unpredictable, but check out our weather page to get a general idea of what to expect and see some photos. you to customize page easily and personalize your website as you wish. In short, no coding skill or knowledge is required to install and operate our theme. Just follow the instruction and you'll be good.
When I arrive, is there an office where I can check-in?
Yes, please check in at the office before you head to your cabin. The check-in office is the 2nd building as you enter the resort. If for some reason we miss you or it's very late, your check-in documents and key will be attached to the office door. Please read carefully and stop by during the early part of your stay so we may officially check you in and we can also settle your balance.
Are linens and kitchen suppies provided?
Yes. All linens are provided making for super, comfy beds and the kitchens are fully equipped. If you click on individual cabin amenities pages you can get a very detailed list of what is provided.
Are there TV's in the cabins?
No. There are no televisions in the cabins. But, we do have Smart TV’s with Netflix you can borrow for free.
Are there phones/wi-fi in the cabins?
There are no phones in the cabins, but there is a phone in the customer office. Most people are able to get cell service a half mile down the road, but some do get service at the cabins. ALL CABINS HAVE FREE WI-FI. We realize that some families would like to disconnect from electronics while vacationing, if you would like us to disable your internet while you are here, please just let us know.Â
Do we need to bring bottled water?
No! Our water is amazing and pure! No need to add more plastic to the landfills and oceans.
How far to town and Mt. Crested Butte?
Town is an easy 12 minute drive and Mount Crested Butte is a 15 minute drive.
Can you drive directly to the cabins in the winter?
Yes! We snow plow the resort and Gunnison County snow plows the road to the resort. So, yes, you can park right in front of your cabin in winter and summer.
How far apart are the cabins?
The cabins are nicely spaced apart compared to most cabin resorts. In general, they are about 150-250 feet apart, some more some less, but all are surrounded by trees and feel private.
Are you directly on the highway leading into Crested Butte?
No, that is the beauty of the Pioneer! We are 2 miles off Highway 135 on a dirt road and inside the National Forest. In addition, we are not even directly on the Forest Service road, but are across a river and down our own private road.
Do you need 4WD to get to the resort?
No, you do not need 4WD to get to the resort in summer, but in winter it's always a good idea in case of a big snow storm but not totally necessary.
Are the cabins winterized?
Yes, the cabins are winterized and very warm and cozy in winter.

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